bringing together technology and fashion since 2006.

Tatiana Elliston is a Bay Area fashion designer with an engineering background.

Her designs bring together technology and fashion since 2006. Tatiana started making them, because they are fun and attractive. She works mostly with EL Wire (electroluminescent wire), and less with LEDs. Wearable lights have a mesmerizing and enchanting effect on people.

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woman in white dress standing and raising her hands

Ways of using Glowing Pieces

There are so many ways of using glowing pieces. They are great for the stage or at special occasions. They also are useful for a nighttime safety when biking. Lights help people to stay together as a group when dark.

woman wearing black sleeveless top and black cap facing left

Kids and Glowing Pieces

Kids love wearing something glowing. Light up accessories like vests, collars, cuffs and hats can be combined with almost anything. Tatiana’s favorite materials are leather, plastic, lace, faux fur, hardware and all kinds of re-cycled materials.

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What is EL Wire?

EL Wire (electroluminescent wire) is a flexible, low power consumption light source. It is like a very long flexible light bulb. The wire is made from two different sets of wires that are coated with phosphor and plastic that light up when connected to an EL Wire driver (inverter) or sequencer.